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Working Concept: Disney Infinity


So word on the street is that there are people in the industry that watch my videos. I’m still pretty skeptical of this claim but since I seem to do a decent job of representing the gaming audience, at least compared to mainstream games media, I thought would use this as a chance to bridge the gap between the content producers, that’s you, and the audience that gives you money to feed your family.

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Dear Stephen: Concerning the Blacklist


This, like so many of my efforts will probably fall on deaf ears, but I guess I still have to try.

Dear Stephen,

I recently read your piece on Kotaku about how you feel Bethesda and Ubisoft have blacklisted your outlet. I say feel because there has been no official word of a blacklisting, but it seems to be the case. The article was titled “A Price of Games Journalism.” Some people responded positively to your article where others celebrated the implied blacklist. I personally tweeted you and asked, “What do you think my response should be to this?”

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Update on the Channel Format

Now that I have more time to work on the channel, I’ve begun to consider how I can increase production. In this update I will outline new formats and a change to an existing series.

There are several steps in the process of producing transmissions: research, writing, recording, creating the visuals, rendering, and then uploading it. Of all the steps, the one that takes the longest is creating the visual component — especially if the slides are researched and they are accompanied with captions. The obvious solution is to create content that is faster to edit by making a format that suits less dynamic visuals.

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By Design: Half-Life 2

This video made in association with Gather Your Party.


Most people like Half Life 2. I like Half Life 2. When I ask myself “Was it well designed?” I only see a blur of car and boat segments, nice set pieces and some in game story scenes that are a popular convention of modern games. Despite my best efforts all that really stood out were those exciting scripted scenes. It never felt very difficult or terribly easy.

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Virtual Reality or Virtual Fad?

The future never quite works out as promised. Science fiction correctly predicted a few things like wearable, lightweight communicators and data pads with instant access to immeasurable libraries of information. Unfortunately, we still don’t have flying cars or jet packs. Well, guess what? Virtual Reality is happening!

That’s right. Suck that down, reality! We don’t need you — we’re making VIRTUAL reality. It’s like normal reality but NEW and you have to pay for it in installments!

Do we need virtual reality? Is it enjoyable or even practical?

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Making the Time

I don’t go out a lot so flying across the country by myself, when I had last flown as a child, was terrifying. Sitting on the stage and the month’s worth of preparing beforehand was a trial on my nerves. However, once Koretzky had begun his opening speech, and Ashe was introducing her topic, I quickly started to get a feel for how things were going to work. Continue reading “Making the Time”

Social Justice Misnomer: Status Warriors


Most of you have probably never heard this word. Depending on how much you use the internet though  you’re likely to have run into this kind of person.

What most important to know is that it’s a misnomer, or in other words, it’s a word that’s incorrectly used. When someone is called a “social justice warrior” it is not a good thing. It doesn’t mean what you think it does. Continue reading “Social Justice Misnomer: Status Warriors”

Satoru Iwata, Presidnt and CEO of Nintendo passes away at age 55

It has been confirmed in a statement from Nintendo that CEO and President, Satoru Iwata has passed on June 11, 2015 due to a growth in his common bile duct. Continue reading “Satoru Iwata, Presidnt and CEO of Nintendo passes away at age 55”

GamerGate: On the Winds of Change


This is a voice over transmission. So feel free to listen to in the background as you do something else.

There’s been peaks and valleys with progress in Gamergate and the further it goes the more difficult it will be for some people to stay motivated. Within this transmission there will be useful advice, information and answers to points of conflict within the movement. Continue reading “GamerGate: On the Winds of Change”

You are the Solution: What to do and How


We’ve gone further than we have in the past but the journey is far from over. We have to keep going.

And thankfully many of you haven’t given up. Continue reading “You are the Solution: What to do and How”

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