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Nintendo Switch: Can the Switch Succeed?


Nintendo has announced their next console and it is called the Nintendo Switch.

The defining feature of the Nintendo Switch is that it comes with a tablet like device that can be used as a tablet display when the player wants to continue their game away from their TV. Unlike the Wii U there is no double screen experience, which I’m sure is a relief to developers.

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Pokémon GO: Into the Tall Grass


To understand why Pokémon GO has done so well we have to dig into some history on the mobile app games market.

While Nintendo only has partial ownership of Pokémon, Pokémon GO is something Nintendo didn’t want to make. With less than ideal returns on the Wii U, investors demands that Nintendo enter the mobile app market grew ever louder. As a games company that forges its own success rather than playing by the same rules as everyone else, pressure to enter the highly unstable mobile app market was not something the Kyoto based gaming brand would likely do.

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DOOM: No Guts, No Glory


Bethesda Softworks released a new DOOM game and unfortunately it’s a tremendous let down. While this new DOOM is more colorful than the past games it’s clear that they changed a lot of the games themes to meet the unrealistic standards of politically correct critics. There is a strange charm to attacking booger monsters with laser spoons but it’s hard to see this as a successor in the game’s series.

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Who is E3 For?: Or Why We Snark


What was your reaction to the recent E3? Did you see many games that excited you?  Wasn’t long ago so it’s hopefully still fresh in your mind. I have been happy to see more footage of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I’m very curious now of Death Stranding, despite Kojima’s trailer being little more than a music video. I’m very pleased with what I saw of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. We Happy Few also caught my attention and I’ll want to see if the game doesn’t end up being more than a series of scripted events. My excitement wasn’t intense though.

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Star Fox Zero: Saving the Universe takes Skill


Platinum Games is known for making difficult games or at least, titles that have depth for above average difficulty. People who aren’t into these kinds of games will either hit a wall or completely skate through on the surface of what looks like a simple game. I should know, I nearly got stuck in Bayonetta and eventually lost my steam in playing Wonderful 101.

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


The final Metal Gear Solid game by Hideo Kojima, The Phantom Pain. Big gaming news outlets showered it in praise while notable youtubers and less visible critics were understandably disappointed. So is this such a polarizing title that one can only like or dislike it, or is there a view that’s more balanced?

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Reviewing the Problem

Reviews seem to be turning into an outmoded thing. Especially written reviews. With over inflated review scores that look more like wine ratings, the gaming audience seems to have lost interest. Instead people now search for video to see what the game actually looks like. There will always be an interest in reviews, but the space for reviews that will be useful and appreciated is shrinking as gaming media becomes more focused on personalities.

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Working Concept: Disney Infinity


So word on the street is that there are people in the industry that watch my videos. I’m still pretty skeptical of this claim but since I seem to do a decent job of representing the gaming audience, at least compared to mainstream games media, I thought would use this as a chance to bridge the gap between the content producers, that’s you, and the audience that gives you money to feed your family.

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Dear Stephen: Concerning the Blacklist


This, like so many of my efforts will probably fall on deaf ears, but I guess I still have to try.

Dear Stephen,

I recently read your piece on Kotaku about how you feel Bethesda and Ubisoft have blacklisted your outlet. I say feel because there has been no official word of a blacklisting, but it seems to be the case. The article was titled “A Price of Games Journalism.” Some people responded positively to your article where others celebrated the implied blacklist. I personally tweeted you and asked, “What do you think my response should be to this?”

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