Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays if you’ve got a seasonal custom that’s part of a culture I don’t know about.

I sent out the survey and I’ve been getting some good feedback from you guys. Thanks.

Most Users liked the idea of being able to send me games to review, so I’m willing to go forward with that idea after one more round of surveying to determine how you guys would want the reviews done. The process will be really slow if I shoot for full reviews like I plan to do for most games but can do it that’s the result of the next survey.

The most wanted topic was “Are games art?” beating the choice of “I like them all” by one vote. When given check boxes though to show which ones people wanted in general Piracy was 79% and DLC was 76%. Had a feeling those two would be popular. So what I plan to do is handle the “Are Games Art?” video before those two since either one of those would take months of research. Unfortunately there aren’t exactly academic resources that I can just check for the data on DLC and Piracy.

The big ticket on the previous survey was gameplay videos. A tremendous amount of users said yes, the wanted to see gameplay videos if they had a good format and that was nearly split even between a clear “Yes” and “If they had their own channel” with a difference of one person for the latter.

There’s going to be a second survey so please get to that once you’re done with this transmission.

I want to share something from the comment section of the survey. All survey answers are collected anonymously.

“I don’t like the idea of you doing game play videos. Honestly I don’t have much interest in any lets players. I think you should stick to what you started with. … Honestly it seems you[‘re] set and ready to sell out even before you[‘re] popular. Do what you want. We will watch and if it[‘s] consistently not good, we will stop.”

First, I want to say thank you. Even though you were critical I believe you were being sincere and were saying it in an effort to help.

Second, you’re wrong… and that’s fine. You’re not a horrible person. I see you care though and feel that I would be selling out. So I need to share a little about where I’m coming from when I made this channel.

It was always my intention to make game play videos. Even though I can be critical of games, I still love them. Even when it’s hard to. I can make analysis videos and use my knowledge to set the framework for relevant social occurences in the game industry as well as reviews, but I don’t want to be just the semi-game related analyst though. Even I need a break from that.

I’m not someone who just says outrageous things for hits. These are things I honestly believe and have formed conclusions on from research and consideration. I handle topics that I’m passionate about; art, video games, social dynamics, helping people. This channel more or less has become a place where I put the things I feel are valuable and important that I want to share with others.

Even though a guy playing a game isn’t informative beyond a walk through, playing a game is an experience. That’s something I’d like to share as well. I wanted to give the context that I’m a real person just like you or anyone else and not some detached journalist or big headed intellectual.

For those of you who are still thinking critically, and I’m glad you are, there’s a chance I could make money as a result of game play videos. Of course having the channel actually pay off would help me in a number of ways and even make running the channel easier but I wouldn’t abandon the meaning driven transmissions. Even in my regular life, I don’t feel happy if I feel there’s no meaning to what I’m doing. It’s why I make these videos when there’s very little for me in return now. I did it because I felt so passionate about these things; seeing voices with valuable points disregarded and ignored that I felt I had to say something.

I know some of you might be frustrated by the idea that these videos might bring in younger audiences on youtube to the channel. That you will become outsiders and that they’ll take over the channel’s direction. It won’t happen. I considered this a chance to get the attention of so many of them that seem to waste time watching Lets Players who do face cams and scream obscenities. That’s why I use my art. I wanted the messages to be valued for their worth, not who’s saying it.

I hold the small hope that once those new audiences watch a couple game play videos they might get curious and check out the analysis transmissions maybe even get sucked in by a critical game review and as a result learn a little. It would probably be less than more but I still hold out hope. Game play videos wouldn’t be the majority until I’ve run out of insights to share and there’s nothing going on in the industry, and to a lesser extent, society that I feel I need to talk about. Even then I would still do analytical game reviews and I would personally feel bad if all I was doing was uploading gameplay videos.

If that all sounds like selling out to you, then I’m sorry. For that case I could say I might as well have just stuck to writing articles, since making videos is selling out compared to that. I did this though because I believe in others and with videos there’s a greater chance we engage more people and we can all learn.

So with that said, I’m going to speak right now to that person who left that comment. When that time comes and if you don’t like those videos, I hope you can ignore them and enjoy the others. If you decide to unsubscribe though, I understand and I hope you’ll come back later. As long as you are can be fair and sincere you will always be welcomed back.

It’s going to be a New Year soon, User. Keep your head up and stay positive. Even if you’ve fall down, you’ll be able to keep track of where you were going.