Time has been limited due to additional responsibilities both in real life and online. Action.PTS is still operational. Quality content takes time and I thank you for your patience.

Below is an updated Transmission Schedule with additional information and progress status.

Topics are in no particular order. List is subject to change.

//Introduction to Video Games

Transmission focused on explaining to new comers how to pick games that are of good quality and right for their tastes. End goal is to give those less passionate or informed of the industry a primer to enable consumer influence through smart purchases and curb misinformation.

-Progress- Script written. Needs to be recorded.

//After E3 ’13: Consumer Trust and Value

Transmission focused on recapping announcements from the big three; Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and reflecting on the current messages being proliferated through media. Exploration of so called “valuing of consumer trust” that was given a spot light after Microsoft’s misstep. End goal is to appraise the validity of claims made with examples from the past and forecast the responses and potential future of each console. User seems to enjoy forecasts and predictions.

-Progress- Script nearly finished. Will need a few revisions before recording can start.

//The Reptilian Brain (Not Final Title)

Two part transmissions explaining MacLean’s Triune model and the nature of human development through evolution. Elaboration on the R-Complex or Reptilian Brain and how it affects human behavior as well as how it can be used in manipulation via devices such as advertising. End goal is to give the User a grasp of the concept as well as inform how it can be used against them while allaying some anxiety likely to occur. Depending on tone of script, additional transmissions may be necessary to enable a sense of agency juxtapose the possibly negative perception of message in these two transmissions.

-Progress- Early script. Research materials secured. Heavy writing and revision necessary.

//Gameplay Video

Telltale’s the Walking Dead. Format needs heavy experimentation. End goal is to give entertaining content less reliant on analysis while building greater bonds with the user. This video must be completed before similar planned videos can be put into production.

-Progress- Concept and planning.

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