This is a voice over transmission. So feel free to listen to in the background as you do something else.

There’s been peaks and valleys with progress in Gamergate and the further it goes the more difficult it will be for some people to stay motivated. Within this transmission there will be useful advice, information and answers to points of conflict within the movement.

For users who are short on time here are the main points of the video though. Stick around for more information.

1) Do not lose focus of the goals.

Gamergate is about transparency, representation and the unethical behavior of the gaming media.

2) Be respectful.

Ignore trolls who want to derail and only engage in polite disagreement with others, whether they are for or against Gamergate.

3) Inform the advertisers and sponsors of the damaging sites that have been plaguing the gaming media.

Keep writing those emails.

4) Encourage the support of sites and individuals whose views help Gamergate.

And most importantly…

5) Do not stop talking about it.

Gamergate does not need to defend itself anymore. From repeatedly disproving claims of Gamergate as a hate movement to tracking down the serial harasser of Sarkeesian, the movement no longer needs to make a task of trying to disprove the false narrative. Present the proof when necessary but focus on the task at hand. Look for more good information and share it only when it’s verified as true.

The anti-consumer games media is all PR. As long as they possess resources to do this, they will not relent on pushing this false story. Do not focus on it.

Similarly do not get side tracked with trolls or even individuals within the movement who you disagree with. Consider their points but do not get distracted. Over zealous members of the movement can turn away outsiders who are moderate and want to know more about Gamergate so it will be necessary to try and address those radical individuals. A simple way to appraise if a supporter is sincerely a part Gamergate is to look at how they handle disagreements. Do they label dissent as some sort of shill or concern troll? This isn’t someone who believes in the ideas of denouncing the anti-consumer games media if they cannot hold them self to the same standard. That is not a voice that will bring much value to Gamergate.

Whether disagreements be in Gamergate or outside of it, people are allowed to have differing views. We should respectfully voice our opposition and make them aware of the repercussions of their actions. If you’re someone who can make their points without harsh language please approach moderates and help them understand that Gamergate is inclusive. #Notyourshield exploded for a reason and it’s the same reason people who oppose it are desperately trying to ignore it exists. Gamers aren’t the exclusive, bigoted group the anti-consumer games media wants them to be.

People within the movement have voiced doubts about the success of Gamergate as there doesn’t seem to be clear victories.

I would encourage people not to see Gamergate as a war, because this is a narrative the anti-consumer games media has constructed and used for financial gain. This almost amounts to giving their toxic outlook any kind of validity.

The problem with viewing this as a war is that it allows us to easily dehumanize our opposition, so we can act cruel and ruthless. This can be a trap and it will sway those of us who don’t have as strong a resolve. Let’s try to be better than that. We do not need enemies to crush, just examples of positivity and progress.

Additionally this focus on it as a war reinforces the idea that this is a win or lose situation, when that’s far from the case. If Gamergate just suddenly vanished, it would already be a victory. The ignorance the anti-consumer games media regularly exploited is evaporating and the tenuous trust they used to smear dissent is rapidly disappearing.

If people NEED a benchmark to get their bearings with the movement…

Gamergate is making progress. With advertisers pulling out and the media’s story coming off as a broken record, they are losing influence.

The better Gamergate does the uglier and more desperate the anti-consumer games media will get. They’ve recently reached out to mainstream media contacts to try and spread their message but this will only draw in curious people who will find the inevitable truth. Make the most of this opportunity. Try to make the truth easier for them to find. All that Gamergate has to do to combat this is to not let them bury the truth. Don’t stop talking about it and looking for more information.

There’s no need to be anxious about these incidents as the main stream media has ALWAYS held negative views of gamers.

Be wary of the opposition trying to bargain or feign friendliness with the audience. These people know how to network and win others over. It might be tempting to go for that first sign of acceptance in a harsh climate but do not forget these are people who insult, exploit and looked down on their audience. They have a history of lying and it would be smarter to wait and see if they can rebuild that trust rather allowing yourself to be convinced by empty praise.

In fact it would be a good idea to not forget who within the games media has said the most damaging things. This is the only way to hold them accountable for their misconduct.

They need to make money and can’t hold out forever. Many have suggested, and I’m inclined to believe, that if Gamergate rolls into the holiday season there will be a noticeable effect. And even if it’s small, the people who control the actual purse strings will not like this. At which point the games press will be stuck between the actual content creators of the industry and the gaming audience that refuses to quit. Do what you have to, but be ready for the holiday season. This is the next big step that shows that Gamergate isn’t going anywhere.

They’re scared or at least have begun to accept things need to change. Advertisers are pulling out and their push back is a demonstration of the email campaigns efficiency. Other outlets are sure to take notice of how quickly Gawker is losing sponsors and their own hostility toward a previous sponsor will be a poor omen to any of those remaining. As more outsiders get involved their cries of wolf are becoming even more transparent. With a lack of trust and ignorance, people are noticing that every dissenting voice is being labeled a bigot. It’s not subtle. Then again, these people were never particularly subtle.

This brings us to the next issue:

The advertiser boycotts.

For some Gamergate supporters the idea of a boycott sounded too drastic. It sounds like an ultimatum. I had to explain to a friend and fellow supporter of Gamergate that these sorts of email and letter writing campaigns aren’t necessarily so negative.

An email sent to the sponsors can just state that you are concerned with the association of the advertiser with the unprofessional and damaging misconduct of these outlets. The current gaming media may not care what the consumer thinks, but the people who pay them ad revenue absolutely do. With many of these vocal, spiteful members of the games media being well connected or at the top of their respective sites, doing this is the best recourse of action for a consumer sick of being degraded by the people who should be representing their best interests.

The gaming community does not have to be held hostage by these people anymore. Gamergate has demonstrated the gaming audience has a voice and the anti-consumer games media does not speak for them.

While it works best as a combined effort with writing sponsors and advertisers it also important support and promote pro-Gamergate voices. Link articles and websites that are at least trying to give the full story behind Gamergate. Please honor their courage so that they can go even further.

If these corrupt pundits within the press ever go away these people who are trying so hard to bring truth may be able to take their place and create a new, better games media. It’s just as important to bring positivity to the issue as it is to point out the problems and work toward a solution. It is not enough to just ignore the websites and toxic members of the anti-consumer media. You must make your voice heard so that they cannot continue to push their narrative. Being silent or ignoring them will be seen as proof by assertion to outsiders and if they are never held accountable they nor the industry can ever really learn from the mistakes that were made.

The winds have changed only because we spoke up and now we can take this ship to new lands. Don’t lose track of where we need to go and try not to lose sight with unnecessary fighting. Spread positivity and prove their ugly narrative is false. They didn’t anticipate Gamergate would go this long because they never thought highly of their audience. Just don’t stop talking. Don’t stop trying.

There is only more to gain for Gamergate as long as we don’t stop trying.

Take care.

Until next time.


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