Most of you have probably never heard this word. Depending on how much you use the internet though  you’re likely to have run into this kind of person.

What most important to know is that it’s a misnomer, or in other words, it’s a word that’s incorrectly used. When someone is called a “social justice warrior” it is not a good thing. It doesn’t mean what you think it does.

The words “Social Justice Warrior” draws to mind an image of a person who fights for ideas like fairness or equality for everyone, especially groups that might be at a social disadvantage.

The truth is that this is a critical term used to identify people who appoint themselves as the authority over what they feel is socially moral and like a warrior go about attacking anyone who disagrees with  them. The more trivial the issue the more adamant they are. What’s acceptable for some is unacceptable for others. Even if they have incomplete information a social justice warrior will double down and continue to attack others, even if they were wrong.

The real heart of the issue is irrelevant to political labels as these kinds of people are not inherently conservative or liberal. They’re cultural authoritarians.

As stated in the first video on this channel, “Culture forms naturally and it’s human.” Culture can’t be sold and certainly cannot be forced into people unwillingly, demanding they forfeit their free will.

Consider the Crusades of the Middle Ages.

These are the modern day crusaders. Instead of sweeping across the countryside on horses slaughtering people, the modern social justice warrior scour the internet for targets to harass. Maybe they’ll find someone’s workplace and make a phone call or send an email, informing their employer that the person is some sort of bigot. Maybe they’ll write a slew of slanderous articles destroying a person’s reputation. There’s a number of damaging things a social justice warrior can do but they all result in character assassination and whether the person had done anything wrong is ultimately irrelevant.

Regrettably it’s not about actually upholding an idea of fairness or equality. It’s about status.

More accurately they should be called “Status Warriors.”

These are people who build themselves up by tearing others down. Think of it like a coin where on one side there is the internet troll. The internet troll goes after people for entertainment value. Where as on the other side of this coin is the status warrior. Their acts are done purely for themselves, whereas a troll’s actions might also be selfish they’re not always done seriously.

If we draw another parallel to religion, consider in recent history the high profile Evangelicals that condemned homosexuality and pedophilia only to be exposed that their piety was a cover. Whether they were deeply troubled by who they were and it manifested as prejudice or was a front to continue the activity they were openly condemning they project their flaws onto others.

The status warrior is tremendously hypocritical but rather than deflecting criticism with claims of religious bigotry they hijack the politically correct sensibility that speaks to the noble ideas we all want to endorse. The status warrior claims offense and just as quickly any disagreement is harassment or some contrived bigotry. No perceived hatred is too small for the status warrior, so much that they have even begun to create words to embody these ideas of supposed prejudice. Words that once had strong meanings are destroyed with frequency and degraded by trying to tie it to less important issues regarding solely their feelings.

Certainly people are discriminated for any number of reasons, and we should not endorse this behavior, but just the same we shouldn’t wildly accuse people of prejudice.

Because status warriors claim they care about Social Justice this appeals to the innate good in all people, and as a result becomes infectious, similar to how religion or cults might appeal to those looking for answers or guidance.

There appears to be a scale within status warriors and it depends on how self aware they are. Most of them will believe what they say, while the most successful ones are likely aware that what they’re doing is a farce.

Dealing with a Status Warrior can be difficult as they operate with the mindset that their opinion is not only very important but factually correct. Their smaller beliefs cannot be changed or challenged because a drop in status would be a blow to their identity.

The best way to interact with one is to offer them information, empirical if it’s available and then back away shortly after. It won’t be long before they become belligerent. They were likely never going to change their mind and the insight they ultimately need isn’t something that’s going to come out of one discussion.

The status warrior is so invested in their convictions that they will refuse things like data and proof in order to maintain their specific outlook. It’s hard to say how widely it affects them but it’s not uncommon to see a Status Warrior that struggles to separate fiction from reality.

This is why Status Warriors can readily call anything sexist, homophobic, misogynistic or some other form of bigotry. While some might say Feminism has always been inhabited by these people modern 3rd wave Feminism is clearly affected by these needlessly aggressive individuals who attribute many of life’s hardships to a nefarious “Patriarchy.” This authoritarian outlook that demands change from others is the reason Feminism is seen as misandric or in other words man hating.

It’s good to be open minded, even if we believe the ideas are unpopular or even dangerous. For his time it was radical for Galileo to say the Earth went around the sun. His bravery was rewarded with a lifetime of persecution and if he was discouraged into complete silence we can only imagine how far back it would have set our species.

A Status Warrior should not be discouraged from sharing their views no matter how outrageous they are. All theories should be heard as long as there is empirical evidence with which to evaluate it. It’s this willingness to look at new ideas that allows society to progress through outmoded ideologies. It is imperative that of all places, art and academia be the bastions of free speech and earnest thought we need to keep society from stagnating.

Unfortunately the politically correct, faux progressiveness of status warriors has infected these two places. The western world of higher education and widely consumed art like movies and games. Were these Social Justice Warriors  truly progressive they would not be trying to silence dissent and the appraisal of their ideas.

A progressive person would not place themselves or their identity before the development of ideas that will far outlive them.

The modern Status Warrior claims the representation of a female character or person of color in film or a video game is bigoted. That it is indicative of racism or sexism from the creators part. This is an assumption of guilt that degrades not only the choice of the artist who may want to explore challenging and ugly themes but infantilizes the viewer.

The real issue with the Status Warrior is their demands that people forfeit expression and choice to conform to what they regard is socially acceptable. This is the same issue with early politicians who would claim that rap music and later, video games would make children violent. They had even gone as far as to call games Satanic. It happened again in the early 2000’s with Jack Thompson claiming video games were Murder Simulators and the morally panicked politicians, such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman pushed for the failed Family Entertainment Protection Act bill. Now it’s the self appointed Feminist moral authorities and their friends in the anti-consumer games press that push the faltering narrative that gamers were all sexist white men prone to violence fueled by toxic masculinity. It’s the idea that these games make people violent and sexist, despite there being proof of the opposite. They support censorship.

Their progressiveness is a smoke screen to dehumanize, guilt and discourage exploration of the human condition.

Robert Mapplethorpe was a classically trained photographer and homosexual man. One of his final exhibitions titled “The Perfect Moment” explored homoerotic and sadomasochistic themes that were personal to him. Understandably it offended some people but the outcry from conservative moral groups such as the American Family Association and Republican politicians backing them denounced it as indecent, obscene and immoral. In turn the exhibit was canceled from the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC. It was later censored from the Center for Contemporary Arts in Cincinnati Ohio when conservative watchdog group Citizens for Community Values pressured the local law enforcement to persecute the museum on obscenity charges. The museum and it’s director, Dennis Barrie were later acquitted of the charges and the show later went on.

If these progressive, so called social justice warriors would go as far as to encourage sexual and racial segregation I can’t imagine how their response to Mapplethorpe would have been much different if they regarded it as socially unacceptable.

Take care.

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