Now that I have more time to work on the channel, I’ve begun to consider how I can increase production. In this update I will outline new formats and a change to an existing series.

There are several steps in the process of producing transmissions: research, writing, recording, creating the visuals, rendering, and then uploading it. Of all the steps, the one that takes the longest is creating the visual component — especially if the slides are researched and they are accompanied with captions. The obvious solution is to create content that is faster to edit by making a format that suits less dynamic visuals.

It was my hope that By Design would satisfy this and it worked with Resident Evil 4.

By Design

The problem was I forgot just how long Half-Life 2 was. It typically doesn’t take me that long to edit video of gameplay but given the length of HL2 and the cues in the essay it was necessary to make more dynamic cuts. It would have been better to cut the HL2 By Design into a few episodes but then Users would be less likely to watch the following videos. Similarly, I could have made it longer but viewers would have been more likely to put it on in the background as they do another activity. This would just defeat the purpose of didactic visuals.

Thankfully I had already come across the solution. In preparation for the HL2 By Design I did an off-the-cuff stream where I analyzed the design of the Ravenholm chapter. It was much more informal than preferred for the channel but it seemed well-received and it would have just meant uploading the video to Youtube with very little editing.

It’s likely By Design may be produced to focus on segments rather than full games when necessary and done in the previously mentioned stream-like presentation.

Working Concept

Youtubers who are abundant producers typically have very little dynamic visuals. Maybe it’s a still image or a looping animation with the occasional visual aid dropped in. Working Concept is something in that vein.

In Working Concept, I look at a game series or intellectual property that could make a good game and then develop a concept on how that game would work. I would go at length explaining how the game works and what the appeal would be of any changes or implementation of new ideas. Each transmission would be directly addressed to whoever holds the right to make those games, but can still be enjoyed by the regular User as a fun, creative video that hopefully encourages them to think more about game design.

This may or may not be the name for the series.


This was a video series mentioned early on in past update videos. The goal of Ad-nalysis, as you might guess, is to take a critical look at advertising and deconstruct it while looking for potential motivations of the advertiser and their client. Ideally the commercials evaluated would be suggested by the User, as I could spend days on end analyzing advertisements of my own choosing. For a better idea of what that might be like refer to this transmission.

Video game advertisements may be a good starting point but they’re typically shallow and may not offer much for evaluation. There is more potential for analysis in advertisements across different markets and industries.

Essay Videos

These transmissions are straight-forward and are made for the express purpose of being produced in a timely manner. Whether it be to raise awareness or communicate more information about recent events this is something the User can play in the background as they multi-task.

The channel will continue to have informational transmissions as well as game reviews. User input is welcomed. Feel free to leave your thoughts on these formats and any other ideas.

-Operator of the Action Private Transmission System Broadcast