Bethesda Softworks released a new DOOM game and unfortunately it’s a tremendous let down. While this new DOOM is more colorful than the past games it’s clear that they changed a lot of the games themes to meet the unrealistic standards of politically correct critics. There is a strange charm to attacking booger monsters with laser spoons but it’s hard to see this as a successor in the game’s series.

This is a joke. I’m not serious. This is Chex Quest and I played it when I was younger. If you haven’t played it, try and get your hands on it now. It’s good fun

This is the recent DOOM game made by Bethesda Softworks. It is great and you should buy it.

That’s not the whole review. Though I feel it’s accurate to say that, it’s not really an informative one. I could spend all day talking about how much something satisfies ME personally or how I evaluated it by my life experiences or even my politics but ultimately that’s too narrow a standard to help you the audience. At that point I might as well just be making a review for myself and any status I would hope to achieve by exploiting this blossoming art form… since that would clearly be a higher priority than making something beneficial that helps communication between the industry and consumer.

All that aside though DOOM is a refreshing title that breaks the mold of what modern games are by heavily acknowledging what games were. Where most heavily promoted titles are trying to push the boundaries of narrative driven games and a cast of flawed and emotional characters, DOOM doesn’t care in the slightest about any acts conflicting with the story and gameplay because it knows what you’re there to do.  It even revels in the fact that the Doom Marine is a destructive force that, when given the option, will nearly always choose to destroy. Any disconnect you may experience is with the fact that Doom Marine is going to smash and demolish things when you may not want to.

And smartly, the game’s story, of which there actually is one, plays with that fact the Doom Marine is a brutal over-the-top carnage totem so violent that even demon’s fear him. In fact one of the game’s main characters, Samuel Hayden, is COUNTING on Doom Marine to rip and tear the guts out of every demon he finds. I won’t spoil it and really it’s not even necessary since this game is all about game play but it’s tucked away into lore files for those who want to make the effort to appreciate it.

Besides the previously mentioned discomfort players may encounter with the Doom Marine’s blood lust, the only other let down in the story is the ending which leaves things open for a sequel.

The game play is what you expect. You are the Doom Marine and you kill everything with whatever you get your grubby mitts on, and in the case of the Berserk power up, you use your grubby mitts to rend unparalleled carnage.The Doom Marine gets several weapons, half of which share ammo with each other and have weapon upgrades which you may not even want. It’s okay though, the ones you do want, you will really want and it’s all more than enough.

Except for the Super Shotgun the weapons will have two alternate fire modes and each of those modes can be upgraded. There are suit upgrades, which only give slight perks to the Doom Marine, but none you actually need to beat the game. They’re similar to the weapon upgrades. The most valuable upgrades will be the Argent Cores which permanently upgrade the Marine’s health, armor and ammo.

Other than that there are challenges the player can do after unlocking all the upgrades for weapon’s alternate function as well as Rune challenges which give the player various perks when completed, such as longer power up duration and longer openings to do glory kills on enemies.

There are also secrets to find such as toy versions of the Doom Marine or areas that are made to look like the original DOOM. Each map will have challenges, such as finding those secrets or killing a certain number of enemies in certain ways, which reward the player with points to upgrade their weapons.

The DOOM single player campaign has plenty to offer with replay value. I completed it it in about 20 hours and took my time in some parts looking for secrets. I intend to go back for completionist sake and clean up all the challenges and upgrades.

When it comes to difficulty DOOM will punish you. Unfortunately this is my first real DOOM game and while I had started on Ultra-Violence and hoped I could play out the game on that difficulty I didn’t get very far in before I found myself dying constantly. For players who want a rigorous challenge beyond exploration DOOM’s higher difficulties should hit the spot.

The visuals are appropriate. The levels are either a cool, futuristic looking Mars base, god forsaken Hell temples and caves or a mix of the two later in the game. The art style feels balanced despite the man made Mars structures being boxy and the Hell motifs are demonic temples or bone and rock spires. While more could have been done to stand out from modern gaming FPS aesthetics it’s not a detraction. The music is par for the course with grungy rock music and the occasional ambient piece.

There’s a multiplayer mode and a Snapmap map creation mode. I’ve heard good things about Snapmap and some not so good things about multiplayer. If you’ve bought this game though you’re really looking to hear the quality of the single player campaign. Your experiences in Multiplayer would vary even if it was rock solid.

For any First Person Shooter fans who want to unwind with something fun that doesn’t take itself serious the recent DOOM is a good title to do that with.

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