The Internet is important but people don’t really get it. The media is even more hopeless at figuring it out it’s more Facebook, videos of baby animals and clickbait articles.

Between spreading misinformation that comes from a failure to understand the internet to calls of censorship through fear mongering, the Internet has been made out to be a confusing, sometimes scary, place.

It’s not nearly that bad and I’d like to help.

By combining my knowledge of video games, online communities and Internet sub and counter-cultures, I can explain the Internet-related issues that have been misconstrued by the mainstream media in a way that everyone can understand.

Essentially, it’s like watching Action Points – live.

Most recently, I’ve spoken at the #SPJAirplay event in Miami wherein I communicated viewpoints to the Society of Professional Journalists about massive mistakes the mainstream and gaming media have done in misrepresenting the gaming audience and the issues that impact their industry.

I’m currently available to speak at tech-related events, video game events, and college classes.